Innovative Products, Experienced Technical Assistance and Excellent Customer Service. A Relentless Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re launching a new product or reformulating and existing one, Sweet Additions offers a reliable and consistent source of natural and organic sweeteners for a wide range of food and beverage applications.

Our ingredients enable product innovation teams to expand their formulation capabilities by offering alternative sweeteners that promote wellness, are label friendly and target the fastest growing segment in the food industry.

Our expert technical staff is committed to assisting food and beverage developers with everything from new product development and application support to formulation challenges. We understand that one size does not always fit all, so we give you the opportunity to customize our ingredients to meet your specific requirements. Our team of professionals is there to help launch products that are unique, target specific nutrient profiles and appeal to you, our health conscious consumers.

Sweet Additions’ outstanding customer service team ensures a seamless order process. They are ready to assist and guarantee all ingredients arrive on time, to your specification and with all the proper documentation. Our customer service representatives can also coordinate all your transportation requirements. In the event that transit problems materialize, our dedicated team is there to quickly assess the problem and deliver solutions to ensure your scheduled production goes as planned.

Our manufacturing facilities, warehouses and liquefying stations are strategically located throughout the country. This gives us the ability to deliver the majority of our ingredients within two transit days. Whether enjoying unplanned growth or dealing with unpredictable forecasts from new product launches, Sweet Additions is there to make sure additional ingredients are available and in close proximity when you need them.