Our Company


Ken Valdivia is Chief Executive Officer and President of Sweet Additions, LLC.

He founded Sweet Additions in 2004 with a goal of providing the natural food industry with a consistent and reliable source of natural and organic cane and grains based sweeteners.

Valdivia’s vision for Sweet Additions was conceived after realizing that a market was being under served because a significant number of customers could not procure in-demand ingredients. His extensive and unique background with rice and sweeteners was the perfect foundation for filling that need.

He began his career managing a rice mill operation owned by one of the largest vertically integrated sugar companies in the country. There Valdivia gained extensive experience in cultivating, milling, packaging and marketing both rice and cane-based sweetener.

Valdivia developed broad-based skill sets through exposure to operations, sales and business development. His primary role is to continuously develop value products to diversify its commodity driven revenue base. This includes identifying new products and developing business plans that leverages a relationship with the core customer base.

Ken holds a B.S in Agriculture with emphasis in Food Science from the University of Arizona and a Masters in Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University.