Our Responsibility

Supply Chain Integrity

Ensuring Our Customers Receive the Most Consistent, Quality Ingredients Available

We assist our customers with their growth strategies by ensuring a consistent quality supply of all our ingredients. We accomplish this though the execution of a supply chain strategy that includes a diversified raw material sourcing program and a food quality and safety program.

Our quality control and assurance program is the cornerstone of our supply chain integrity commitment. We define quality as a group of activities designed to assure a standard of excellence. These set of activities all fall under a comprehensive food safety and integrity program. The program is designed to ensure our customers receive consistent and safe ingredients every single shipment.

As part of the program, we’ve developed operating procedures that include standards for all our ingredients. This assures that quality targets are achieved in every single lot. As part of our standards we implemented tools such as approved supplier lists, HACCP program, Good Manufacturing practices, recall program and lab analysis, to name a few.

Our stringent review and documentation procedures enable us to keep constant control over the ingredients we manufacture and distribute.