South Florida ingredient company Sweet Additions, maker of natural and organic sweeteners for the food and beverage industry, will be at the Institute of Food Technologies big tradeshow this July in Chicago. Will you? We certainly hope so, and here’s why:

First and foremost, IFT’s annual event brings together food science professionals from around the globe—all converging with the intention to inspire and transform collective scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of all people around the world. Attendees of this important event question, discover, break boundaries and redefine our industry because the future of food depends on it.

To help further this big picture, Sweet Additions will be exhibiting at Booth S2154 to share our newest and most exciting ingredients and technologies on the forefront of our industry.

For example, using no acids or chemicals, but only enzyme technology, we have modified a number of our syrup sugar profiles without reducing sweetness. Through our manufacturing process, we now have the ability to promote the production of glucose and lower the amount of maltose while retaining many of the functional attributes of traditional 42DE enzyme hydrolyzed syrups. In doing so, Sweet Additions is able to reduce total sugar content in our syrups by up to 40 percent!

Also, our Sweet Additions TapiSweet Advance and RiceSweet Advance lines marry the benefits of low-sugar glucose syrups with natural flavors to boost the sweetness level of the syrups without adding sugar to the nutrient profile. These natural flavors are added during the manufacturing process, which allows a consistent infusion of flavor, and are also very heat-stable, rendering them ideal for applications that require extended heating or cooking.

The list of our breakthroughs and items that just might be of interest to you and your company is long. Please see us in Chicago or, better yet, contact Sweet Additions now.

At Sweet Additions, we produce clean label ingredients, promote business transparency and have an eye always on the health and sustainability of our planet. If this sounds like something with which you can relate, and you have interest in any of our innovative products—including evaporated cane juice, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, natural sweeteners, non GMO sweeteners, organic cane juice, rice syrup, sugar cane, tapioca syrup, and much more—please contact Sweet Additions.

At Sweet Additions, we offer a wide selection of innovative starch derivatives and sweeteners that provide solutions to food and beverage manufacturers seeking natural and organic alternatives without compromising functionality and quality.