Sweet Solutions. Pure & Simple.

Sweet Additions

Sweet Additions is an ingredient company that produces and markets natural and organic sweeteners to food and beverage manufacturers.

Our product offering includes a wide selection of innovative sweeteners that provide solutions to manufacturers seeking natural alternatives without compromising functionality and quality.

Our team is committed to developing sweeteners that promote wellness, appeal to consumers and target the fastest growing segments in the food industry; all while integrating sustainable practices that limit our impact on the planet’s natural resources.

Whether launching a new product or reformulating an existing one, Sweet Additions has the sweetener to achieve the desired profile, intensity and texture for your next project.

Our Story

Clean Labels

Real products that contain easy to recognize and pronounce ingredients. Consumers are demanding transparency and authenticity and their expectations for food companies have never been higher. They want food that does not contain artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.

Sweeteners are in the forefront of the clean-label movement and Sweet Additions offers a wide range of cane, rice, oat and tapioca based ingredients that are natural, certified non-GMO, gluten free and USDA organic. We provide clean label sweeteners without compromising functionality and quality. Sweet Solutions. Pure and Simple.


Ingredient Lineup


Sweet Additions offers Rice Maltodextrins, Syrup Solids, and Syrups that can be utilized in various food, beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. These rice-based nutritive sweeteners are highly versatile and offer manufacturers a hypoallergenic, GMO free alternative.


Our natural and organic Maltodextrins, Syrup Solids, and Syrups are low DE nutritive sweeteners manufactured from the enzymatic conversion of tapioca starch. These specialty ingredients have a multitude of functional properties that can be utilized in a wide range of applications.


We offer a full line of natural and organic cane-based sweeteners that are available in both dry and liquid forms. These minimally processed, single crystallized natural sweeteners are an excellent choice when formulating products where refined sugar in not an option.


Utilizing various types of whole grains as the raw material source, our innovative sweeteners offer food and beverage formulators with a wide range of natural and organic sweetening options. Through the use of a variety of sugar profiles and dextrose equivalents (DE), our grain-based sweeteners help developers achieve the perfect sweetener profile, texture, body and flavor characteristics.

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