• We offer the most widely used single-crystallized cane sweeteners in the natural and organic food industry.

    Sweet Additions offers a full line of natural and organic cane-based sweeteners that are available in both dry and liquid forms. These minimally processed, single crystallized natural sweeteners are an excellent choice when formulating products where refined sugar in not an option.
  • Single-crystallized cane sweeteners are a type of natural sugar that are only manufactured at a mill through a unique process. They are never transported to a refinery for further melting, processing or color removal. And because the mills are near the fields, the process from harvest to finished product normally occurs within 24 hours. The end product is a golden-colored natural sugar that is less processed and retains much of the natural properties found in the pressed cane juice.

    Whether your goal is to create products that appeal to healthy consumers or you are just formulating a more natural/organic version of an existing product line, our team is there to help you through the entire process.